Episode 3

Victoria’s Journey

Being Shy, Women’s Rights & Her Passion for Acting and Directing

with Victoria Malinjod

Victoria Malinjod

Episode 3

Victoria’s Journey

Being Shy, Women’s Rights & Her Passion for Acting and Directing

with Victoria Malinjod

Victoria Malinjod

Welcome to another episode of the Journey Podcast!

In today’s episode, I’m having a conversation with Victoria Malinjod, a talented European actress, director, producer and model who was born in France to a German mum and a Swiss dad.

Victoria grew up in Belgium, Brussels, and she has been acting since the age of 11. She first started playing on stage at the age of 16 with Belgian celebrity Jérôme de Warzée before moving to Paris where she trained at “Cours Florent” and mainly worked on stage and TV. After spending 5 years in France, Victoria moved to London “her new home”.

She appeared in Katy Perry’s lyric video “Small talk” and has just finished shooting a feature film which will be released on Amazon Prime soon. Victoria has performed in a wide range of different productions such as feature movies, TV series, commercials, short films, music videos, voice overs and corporate work.

In 2019, she directed her first short film “Don’t Burst My Bubble” and won 7 awards including a mentorship with Hollywood filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier at cinema femme magazine.

She also directed two other short films; At the end of the tunnel and Our streets. Her 1 min short film “At the End of The Tunnel” was a finalist at Mobile Film festival and broadcasted on Euronews.

Her short film documentary Our Streets won 5 awards and is currently screening on INDIE-CLIPS which is a streaming platform for indie filmmakers.

Victoria launched her own production company in December 2020 “My Bubble Films”. Two of her latest collaborations include Academy Award Zamarin Wahdat “(Learning how to Skate in a Warzone (if you’re a Girl)” and Sally Low (BBC TV series “Les Miserable”).

Victoria has just wrapped her upcoming short film “QUIET”.

In our conversation, Victoria shares how she was extremely shy as a young girl and how acting was a way of expressing herself. She also shares how she moved to Paris on her own when she was 17 and then later to London to develop her career as an actress, to where she is now as a successful actress and director.

Victoria’s advice to those who are trying to follow their passions but feeling challenged to do so:

“Don’t listen too much to others. Your opinion at the end is the one that matters. If you believe in your story, you should really go for it!”

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Victoria. She has gone through an amazing journey and she also has great advice on how to stay true to yourself.

You can contact Victoria via her website and social media and watch her short documentary and film via links below.

Visit Victoria’s website: www.victoriamalinjod.com

Follow Victoria on:

Instagram: @victoriamalinjod

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VickyMalinjod

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-malinjod-155a45122/

Watch Victoria’s short documentary ‘Our Streets’: https://indie-clips.com/our-streets-victoria-malinjod

Watch Victoria’s short film ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’: https://indie-clips.com/fr/dont-burst-my-bubble-victoria-malinjod

Watch the trailer for Victoria’s new file ‘QUIET’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtNyhS8gmwY

Thank you for listening!

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