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Top 5 Tips for a Digital Declutter & Detox

Ayurveda Lifestyle: Top 5 Tips for a Digital Declutter & Detox

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How to Balance Vata Dosha with Diet Lifestyle and Yoga

How to Balance Vata Dosha with Diet Lifestyle and Yoga

How to Balance Vata Dosha with Diet Lifestyle and Yoga

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Spring is just around the corner for many of us and this is a great time to have a think about how we interact with our phones and computers, how much they bring to our lives and how much they distract and take away.

Having a digital declutter can be a great way of reducing these distractions.

With access to the internet becoming easier and easier – wherever we are, many of us are becoming overloaded and overwhelmed with information. This has crept up on many of us over the last few years, so we have become completely used to having virtually unlimited access – via our computers and now our phones.

So why is this an issue – surely this is a good thing?

Well most of us are spending more and more time online – be that through a computer or increasingly on our phones.

Statistics vary greatly but have gathered data from many sources and estimate that in 2021 on average those of us who have access to the internet spend almost 7 hours a day on the internet of which around 4 hours is on our mobiles phones.

These numbers are only going to grow. What these numbers don’t tell us is how distracting our phones can be with constant notifications taking us away from the present, wherever we may be. This varies quite a bit from country to country and person to person – but you get the idea!

Is this you?

You are out on a lovely walk in a beautiful forest with your friends, family or maybe you are just on your own enjoying the scenery and fresh air…

Then ‘ping’ your phone goes – (just a quick look) and suddenly you are transported out of the present, to some random social influencers’ latest holiday photos or video.

Has your phone just given you something or taken something away? What emotions are you feeling?

It is no wonder our mental and physical health suffers as a consequence. The anxiety that social media causes us is well documented as are the effects of too much time sat hunched over a screen.

How screen time can cause imbalances within Ayurvedic Dosha

When Ayurveda was first created, there was no internet or mobile phones, but we can apply some of the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga to help us identify and manage some of these modern day issues.

From an Ayurvedic perspective all this screen time and constant distraction leads to imbalances within the Dosha.

If you don’t know your Dosha – your Ayurvedic mind-body type, take my Dosha quiz and discover your Dosha!

Pitta Dosha

For example our Pitta may become over stimulated and we may become angry with over exposure to negative social media posts.

Vata Dosha

Those with Vata tendencies may find themselves easily distracted and lose hours following some anxiety or fear online.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha may use social media as a reason to stay in, rather than getting out and doing something more active.

Over use of the internet and social media can also impact our Gunas. Too much movie time on Netflix could for example push us towards Tamas – a state of dullness and inactivity. Or too much time on Instagram could feed our Rajasic tendencies – and lead us to longing for things we do not have.

Overall Ayurveda recognises the importance of spending time in the present, in nature, and living in a way that is aligned with the natural rhythms of nature. All things that are mostly or completely ruined by our current obsession with the internet!

Ayurveda Lifestyle: Top 5 Tips for a Digital Declutter & Detox

So what can we do…?

All is not lost. Firstly we need to recognise we have a problem (and most of us do!). Have a think about how much time you spend online or scrolling down a feed on your phone. (BTW we all tend to completely underestimate this one!). Now have a think about how you can bring some balance back.

Here are my top 5 ideas on how you can start to declutter your digital world and remove unwanted distractions:

#1 Turn off unnecessary notifications and reminders

On your phone & laptop – turn off unnecessary notifications and reminders (news, emails, social media notifications etc.). No more vibrating or pinging please!

#2 Try to set time limits on news, email and social media time

Allocate a time in your day to check your phone or favorite news feed – I’m not joking! The choice is yours – but try and have your breakfast before you get that phone out. You could also have ‘no tech’ areas – like your bedroom or your favorite reading chair or maybe choose to leave your phone at home when going out for a walk.

#3 Declutter your social media followings and email subscriptions

Only follow people who you are genuinely inspired by and unfollow/unsubscribe the rest.

#4 Hide the number of likes on Instagram – on other people’s accounts and on your posts

You can follow the steps to hide likes on Instagram in this article.

#5 Declutter your phone

On your phone homepage remove all the distracting apps and keep it simple. By making them slightly more difficult / annoying to find can have surprising effects!

Give these a go and see how you get on. You may need to do a quick review every few months to check you haven’t fallen back into old habits!

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