Pranayama for Vata – 4×4 Breath

This 4×4 Breath (or sometimes called a Box Breath) is a great Pranayama to relieve stress, fear and anxiety.

How to practice 4×4 Breath:

1) Sitting in a comfortable seated posture, rest the backs of your hands onto your knees if you are sitting on the floor, or on your thighs if you are sitting on the chair. If you are sitting on a chair, make sure your feet are both grounded to the earth. Roll your shoulders back and lift through the spine.

2) Bring your awareness to your breath and start to lengthen your inhale and exhale.

3) Start to inhale count to 4, exhale count to 4. Repeat 3-4 rounds.

4) Start to add a short pause at the top of inhalation (1-2 counts) and after exhalation – holding the breath out for 1-2 counts. Repeat 3-4 rounds.

5) Start to lengthen the pause to 4 counts. The final 4×4 Breath is inhale for 4, pause for 4, exhale for 4, pause for 4. Repeat this up to 5 rounds.


Let me know how you felt after practicing this Pranayama or if you have any questions in the comment section below. Or you can email me direct at


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