Pranayama for Kapha – Kapalabhati

In this Pranayama practice, we will practice a fast paced Kapalabhati focusing on letting go as we force out the exhalation.

Caution: Do not practice Kapalabhati if you are pregnant. You may want to stop during the 3 days of your moon cycle and practice slower paced Kapalabhati towards the end of your moon cycle. Also individuals with high or low blood pressure, heart disease or migraine headaches should avoid practicing Kapalabhati. 

Kapalabhati which is often translated to ‘Skull Shining Breath’ is balancing for All Doshas although Vata and Pitta need to practice Kapalabhati at a slower pace. However, Kapha wants to be practicing a faster paced Kapalabhati as Kapha types need stimulation. Faster paced Kapalabhati will be energizing for Kapha.

Kapalabhati is a steady repetition of short, powerful exhales and passive inhales. You’ll be focusing on exhalation and let inhalation happen automatically.

In this video, we will practice a fast paced Kapalabhati focusing on letting go as we force out the exhalation.

How to practice Kapalabhati:

1) Sit in a comfortable easy pose and rest your hands on your knees, palms facing up.

2) Begin by taking a couple of deep breaths.

3) Bring your awareness to your lower belly (if you are new to Kapalabhati, you may want to place your hands to your lower belly instead of your knees).

4) Inhale through both nostrils deeply.

5) Draw your belly in and up as you force out your exhale (or use your hands to gently press your belly in and up) and quickly release the contraction. This will make your inhalation automatic and passive.

6) Begin slowly and soften your facial muscles as you exhale.

7) Aim to repeat 30 times. When you finish, inhale deeply through the nostrils, and then exhale slowly.


Let me know how you felt after practicing this Pranayama or if you have any questions in the comment section below. Or you can email me direct at


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