Find out what Yoga & Ayurveda
can bring to your life!


Find out what Yoga & Ayurveda can bring to your life!


Welcome to the Eat Live Yoga!

Hi! I’m Risa. I’m a passionate Yoga teacher, a dedicated Yoga student and the founder of Eat Live Yoga Online.

I am passionate about helping women and men re-build their confidence & self-esteem by integrating Yoga & Ayurveda into their lives, so that they can experience their full potential and ultimately live more content lives that are both fulfilling and meaningful.

I’m a trained Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher from the Yoga People, Hatha Yoga & Akhanda Yoga from Yogrishi Vishkvketu, Himalayan Yoga Master and the founder of the Akhanda Yoga approach and Ayurveda from Stéfanie (AtmaShakti) Lolivret.

In the West, most people practice Yoga as a physical practice. One of my biggest learnings in my Yoga journey is one of the quotes from my Guruji – “Yoga starts from your kitchen”. As a food lover, this was music to my ears.

It is difficult to fully benefit from Yoga on its own, when your mind and body are not nourished and balanced. Through eating the right food for your mind-body type called Dosha in Sanskrit, and living a lifestyle that is unique to your Dosha, that is when you will feel the full benefits of Yoga.

I have seen and experienced this benefit in my own Yoga practice and lifestyle.

This is why I am passionate about taking a holistic approach and offer diet & lifestyle advice and Yoga classes unique to your Dosha combined with Yoga & Ayurveda philosophy so that you can regain full alignment of your mind, body and soul.

Risa xx


Receive some practical tips & advice on which foods, Yoga poses and lifestyle habits that are best for your specific mind-body type (your Ayurvedic Dosha)

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What my students are saying….

I have been attending Risa’s classes since July and I was a complete beginner with no yoga experience.

After approx.6- 8 weeks under Risa’s guidance I am now at a fairly good level and really enjoy doing yoga.

She is very patient, explains and demonstrates yoga positions and advice very clearly; all delivered in a warm and friendly manner.

Risa is genuinely a lovely and inspiring teacher; I highly recommend!

Kit C

Risa caters for all abilities in our mixed group. She is adept at tailoring the class whilst encouraging us to work to the best of our abilities.

She explains the postures clearly and with examples.


Very inspiring teacher. A tough class-great work out for the mind and body. Thoroughly enjoyed every single class with Risa!


I benefit a lot from weekly yoga sessions with Risa, they help my back and shoulders and time to reflect and feel energised as a result of it. Thank you!

Henry S

I was a complete beginner when I started coming to Risa’s classes, and have seen a difference over the past few months in my flexibility and general ability, now being able to do poses I couldn’t manage before.

Her classes are varied enough whilst also giving you time to master poses week by week, and she gives you individual attention too, showing you where you’re going wrong.

It’s a great way to end a busy work day and a really convenient way to include some exercise in your week.

Sarah H

I really look forward to Risa’s class to de-stress. It’s challenging and varied and has really helped me to improve.


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Subscribe to my newsletter to receive Yoga & Ayurveda tips and upcoming events & courses!

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