Expansion Meditation for Kapha

In this meditation practice, we’ll be chanting the seed mantra for the Heart Chakra – ‘Om Yam’’ and using the Mudra (the hand gesture) – Tarjani Mudra.

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra of the 7 Chakra System. It is located at the centre of the chest and it is associated with the Air Element. Chanting this mantra will help cultivate compassion and gratitude leading to unconditional love.

Tarjani means ‘index fingers’’. In this Mudra, we will bring the index fingers together which help direct breath, awareness and energy down to the chest, heart and lungs cultivating a sense of expansion and openness.

Chanting the seed mantra for the Heart Chakra with Tarjani Mudra will help Kapha let go of things that don’t serve them and feel the openness of the heart center.

Instruction for the Jala Mudra:

Touch the tips of the index fingers together in front of the solar plexus, just above the belly and let other fingers to fold inwards during this meditation. 


Let me know how you felt after practicing this Pranayama or if you have any questions in the comment section below. Or you can email me direct at info@risakawamoto.com


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