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Are You Living in Alignment with Your True Nature?

Imagine a world where everyone is living their truth.

A world where everyone is living in full alignment with their true nature and their Dharma – their life purpose.

However, most people live all their lives following someone else’s version of their truth.

At school you are expected to get good grades and be the top of your class, so that you can then go to university, study hard and get a good degree from a top university. 

You are then expected to get a ‘good’ job after university, compete with your colleagues for that promotion, earn more money so that you can save up for the deposit to buy a house before 30. 

And as a woman, you are expected to get married at a certain age, and have children by a certain age. 

And you might feel like following what others are doing is the safest option. 

Whether it’s applying for a job that pays more because you are meant to earn a certain amount of money at your age.

Or going on a diet that everyone else is doing, or buying expensive superfoods or supplements that are meant to be healthy and give you radiant skin. 

Or whether it’s even practicing a particular Yoga style that everyone else is practicing… 

With all the pressure your families, friends and society put you under on a daily basis, it’s easier and safer to just follow what they expect you to do instead of following your heart and doing things that bring true joy and fulfilment.  

But if you ask most people who are just following everyone else’s path, if they feel truly happy and healthy from within, they would probably answer ‘no’. 

Today, many people are experiencing low levels of health and happiness. 

They are constantly battling against their true self and the society norms. 

But you can choose to walk a different path. To set an example for your children. And for the next generation. 

It’s our job to be the change we want to see in the world. 

It’s time to face the fear of being different and find the courage to embrace who you truly are and live the way you truly want to live.

So the question is, do you want to look back at your life wishing you had had the courage to try something different and live your Dharma….

Or do you want to tread the path laid out for you by other people? 

When you are free of resistance, when you have a healthy mind, that’s when you can fully embrace your true nature and live your Dharma. 

The practice of Yoga and Ayurveda help you overcome fear and embrace change, instead of resisting it. 

So when will you start following your own path?