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How to Eat in Line with the Seasons

Ayurveda Lifestyle - How to Eat in Line with the Seasons

Previously I wrote about enjoying the seasons. One great way to do that and celebrate the seasons is to eat seasonal produce.

There are many good reasons you should eat in line with the seasons. 

From an Ayurvedic perspective there is a belief that the earth will provide what you need at the right time of the year.

Unfortunately we have become so out of touch with seasonality that it can be very hard to know what is actually in season. Our supermarkets have misled us into believing that there are no such things as season by serving up a year round selection of the same produce.

By eating what is locally in season will mean that your food is less likely to have been transported halfway around the world, limiting its CO2 footprint.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits will also be fresher and therefore more nutritious. The longer they are sat in a ship or plane the more vitamins they lose.

Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Find out what is in season

Use your favorite search engine to find out what is in season in your local area – print out a 12 month chart, (there are some beautiful ones out there). Put it on your fridge and plan your meals around them. Then go in search of what you need. Just make sure what you’re buying is actually local!

Grow your own

If you have space try growing your own vegetables. This can be so rewarding and then you can’t not eat seasonally!

Check out why growing your own vegetables is good for the mind and body.

Visit your local farmers market

They will be selling what is fresh and in season.

Try a ‘pick your own’

If you have never tried ‘picking your own’ this can be a fun afternoon out. Find some farmers that let you pick your own vegetables and fruit. Strawberries are a great example. If you have kids this can be a great summer or autumn activity and get you and them in touch with where food actually comes from!

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