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Why Growing Your Own Vegetables is Good for the Mind and Body

Why Growing Your Own Vegetables is Good for the Mind and Body

What could bring you closer to nature than growing your own food?

Plant the seed, watch it sprout, nurture it, water it, see it thrive, carefully harvest, cook and enjoy!

There are so many reasons why growing your own food is so important, even if you have never tried before.

Ayurveda encourages us to get in touch with nature on a regular basis and be aligned with nature’s rhythms. Growing your own food is one of the best ways to participate in this process and you shouldn’t feel constrained by your living circumstances.

You can start with just sprouting mung beans in your kitchen, or planting your balcony with a few tomato or chilli plants in pots – right through to digging up your garden and getting planting on a larger scale!

The point is that anyone can grow plants. Sure there may be a few mistakes along the way, but just start again or ask a friend who may know a little more!

Why Growing Your Own Vegetables is Good for the Mind and Body

Here are some of the reasons you should get growing:

Puts you in touch with nature

Get in touch with nature and watch the miracle of life unfurl on your own window ledge. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a bit messy in the earth. Many people have been brought up to think soil as ‘dirty’(myself included). The reality is that soil is the foundation of life and we should not be afraid to get a little dirty! Just wash your hands before eating!

Brings joy to your life

Growing your own vegetables can bring so much pleasure and joy. The simple pleasure of caring for and nurturing another life shouldn’t be underestimated.

Taste the difference

The taste of your own home-grown produce can be so far detached from those bought in a store or supermarket. Give it a go and you will be surprised.

Higher in nutrients (and no nasties!)

The fresher your vegetables the better they will be for you. The vitamin content of vegetables drops the older they get. So something straight from the garden to the pot or plate will be better for you, plus if you have grown organically – there will be no pesticides or herbicides anywhere near them.

Appreciate the circle of life

Working with the seasons brings us closer to the circle of life. You grow your plants in the spring and summer then in autumn and winter you see them die. This may seem sad, but it is the reality of life. What’s more this should not be viewed as the end of something but the start of something new.

If you have space, take your old plants and compost them with all your other vegetable waste. This compost can then be used in the years to come to feed and nourish your future crops!

Combat climate change

Growing your own vegetables is good for the climate. Growing locally means there are no food miles – no CO2 from ships, planes and trucks used to transport our food.

These are just some of the good reasons you should get growing this year. So why not give it a go!