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Find Your Local Wholefood Supplier and Explore Nature’s Abundance

Find Your Local Wholefood Supplier and Explore Nature's Abundance

Start making a positive change in your daily life by seeking out and finding your local wholefood supplier!

Many Ayurvedic recipes need a good selection of whole foods such as mung beans, black-eyed peas, adzuki beans, brown or green lentils and chickpeas. And also various spices such as cumin, turmeric, mustard seeds and Hing (Asafetida).

Now you may be able to find these in your supermarket however I would switch it up a bit and try funding and using your local wholefood supplier.

There are a number of reasons I recommend doing this!

1) Support your local economy

Numerous studies have shown that money spent in independent local shops is much more likely to stay within the local economy.

That means it is paying local people’s wages, helping pay taxes for local services and basically keeping your community happier and healthier.

2) Diversity of supply

During the first outbreak of COVID the shelves quickly emptied in our local supermarkets.

This was mainly due to media fueled panic buying, but it also highlighted how reliant many of us are on a very small number of large food sellers. This does not indicate a healthy or resilient food system.

By supporting smaller stores we are supporting resilience in our food systems.

3) Reduce waste

Many wholefood suppliers are now starting to work on a zero or minimal waste basis. You take your containers in and fill them up with what you need, cutting down any unnecessary packaging and waste.

4) Knowledge of staff and owners

The more we know about our food, the more we can connect with it, appreciate it and value it. Many local stores know a lot more about where their food comes from than your average supermarket worker or manager.

This means that if you want to know a bit more about a certain product just ask! Where does it come from? Is it organic? Is it locally produced? Why not?……

5) Connect with your local community

Now this might be a bit of a generalisation but I have found that many wholefood stores are hubs of local activities.

Talk to the staff and other customers, read the notice boards and explore what else is happening in your local community.

6) Discover new foods

I am always amazed at the range of foods that are available when I wander round a wholefood store.

I am also amazed by the beauty of well presented grains, seeds and nuts. It reminds me of the diversity of nature that I sometimes forget.

Give it a go and count how many products you haven’t cooked with before!

Then try and find some recipes that you can try them out in. Again, if in doubt as the shop keepers for some advice.

One thing I found is that some foods that I thought could never be produced locally – quinoa and soya can be! So do a bit of research or ask your local wholefood supplier. If they don’t stock it already they may well give it a go if you ask!

So if you don’t do this already why not seek out your local wholefood supplier and give them a go!

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