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Workplace Wellbeing

There has been a strong focus for the employer to promote healthy workplace in the past few years. I offer corporate classes around London to help organisations to improve their employees’ wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

The benefits of yoga in the workplace

A regular yoga practice will help reduces stress and calms your thoughts and will increase productivity.

I offer an early morning, lunch time and evening classes. Weekly yoga class in the workplace means that your employees don’t need to rush into the gym or the yoga studio for their class before or after work.

What my students are saying….

I am new to Risa’s class, returning after a fairly long gap in my practice. I enjoy the calm environment and mix of moves.

Risa pays close attention to members of the class, focussing each individual on the small adjustments they need to make to practice safely and improve.

The level is pitched just right for our mix of abilities, with extensions to core moves encouraged if the person feels ready. More than anything though this class is fun! Caroline J, The Greater London Authority

I was a complete beginner when I started coming to Risa’s classes, and have seen a difference over the past few months in my flexibility and general ability, now being able to do poses I couldn’t manage before.

Her classes are varied enough whilst also giving you time to master poses week by week, and she gives you individual attention too, showing you where you’re going wrong.

It’s a great way to end a busy work day and a really convenient way to include some exercise in your week. Sarah H, The Greater London Authority

Very good class for all levels – Risa is a very good teacher, approachable and clear in class. Christopher R, The Greater London Authority

Risa is a very pleasant and conscientious teacher. Rather than stay up the front of the room demonstrating the moves, she will go around and make sure any mistakes are corrected.

She is also mindful of the different abilities of the class and will adapt the moves accordingly. Ray C, The Greater London Authority

I really enjoy Risa’s yoga classes, and heartily recommend them whether you are beginner or more experienced; you can work to the level that’s right for you.

Risa is a great teacher! Alex, The Greater London Authority

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