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The 4 Principles of a Happy Mind

Today, I wanted to share the 4 principles of a happy mind according to Yoga & Ayurveda.

The biggest mistakes most people make are:

  • Having too many things on their plate and multi-tasking 90% of their days, trying to get everything done on their to-do list
  • Having high standards and often putting unrealistic expectations on others and themselves
  • Clinging onto things whether that’s a physical thing or an emotion

And as a result, they suffer from anxiety, constantly overthinking and going 100 miles an hour 95% of the time.

But Peaceful Yogis are in control of their lives and have a calm, peaceful mind as they integrate these 4 principles into their daily lives: 

1. Observation

Learn to observe things and see things for what they are instead of making prejudgement. For example, imagine you are walking along the street at night and you realize that a young scruffy man with his hood up is walking fast to catch you up. 

In your mind you are scared and you are worried he might try to rob you or ask you for money. Instead, he smiles, slightly out of breath, and hands you back your purse that you dropped on the way out of a shop you’d just been in. Peaceful Yogis observe and don’t prejudge. 

2. Detachment

Accept how things are and see them as they are. Let them reveal to you instead. For example, try to remove your emotions from a challenging situation. 

This is easier said than done – but can be done with practice. Meditation can help with this – so we can become aware of our thoughts and emotions. 

3. Surrender to reality and try not to change it

Let it guide you and trust the nature of existence instead. It is helpful for us to accept that there are things we can change and others we cannot. 

For example, if you are on a train and it gets delayed, however much you shout at the staff on the train or moan to other passengers you’re not going to go anywhere faster. So sit back and enjoy your book instead!

4. Love

Be one with all and not against anyone. Recognize the blissful core within all instead. 

We all have our faults. Some people’s faults are more obvious than others and some we are just more sensitive to but remember it does us no good to hate anyone. Instead, try to look at what is good in a person and hold onto that. We all have more in common than we realize. 

So those are your 4 principles to creating a healthy mind. 

When you start integrating these 4 principles into your daily life, you will start to feel more balanced and peaceful in your mind.

But if you’re eating the wrong food, living a lifestyle, and practicing Yoga that is not aligned with your unique Dosha, Ayurvedic mind-body type, you are neglecting the benefits of these 4 principles!

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